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TSR American GT Championship

Races in the Series
Pre Qualifying Mon 03-Jun-2024
Round 1 - COTA Mon 10-Jun-2024
Round 2 - Watkins Glen Mon 17-Jun-2024
Round 3 - Indianapolis Mon 24-Jun-2024
Round 4 - Laguna Seca Mon 01-Jul-2024

Round 3 - Indianapolis details

Track Indianapolis
Circuit Length 3.925 km (2.439 miles)
Turns 14
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course, an iconic extension of the historic brickyard, serves as a thrilling venue for GT racing. This renowned circuit offers a unique blend of speed and technical challenges. Notably, the road course is characterized by its bumps and varying grip levels, adding an element of unpredictability to the races. Competitors in GT racing navigate the undulating track, facing the dual challenge of managing the car's performance on a surface with low grip while tackling the intricacies of the course's layout. The combination of high-speed straights and tight corners tests the skill and precision of drivers, creating an intense and captivating racing experience at one of the most legendary motorsport venues in the world.
Car Class GT3
Race Type Solo
Tyre Sets 50
Time Multiplier 1
Max Total Driving Time
Max Stint Time
Start Procedure Full Lap
Fast Lap Points 2
Pit Stop(s) 1
Pit Requirements Fuel & Tyres
Fixed Refueling Time No
Pit Window 20 mins
Pit In lap Time loss 17 seconds
Pit Out lap Time loss 26 seconds
Pit DT Time loss 43 seconds
Event Date Mon 24-Jun-2024
Event Start Time 19:30 UTC In Game Time
Practice 10 mins 12:00
Quallifying 20 mins 14:00
Race 60 mins 16:00
Server Weather Settings
Cloud Level 0.2
Rain 0
Randomness 2
Ambient Temp 22
Recorded Full Stream
Highlights Stream
Car Ballast (kg) Restrictor
Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3 2019 8 0
Audi R8 LMS Evo II 2022 17 0
Bentley Continental GT3 2018 -24 0
BMW M4 GT3 2021 -9 0
Ferrari 296 GT3 24 0
Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 6 0
Ford Mustang GT3 7 0
Honda NSX GT3 Evo 2019 -20 0
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2 10 0
McLaren 720S GT3 2019 4 0
McLaren 720S GT3 2023 1 0
Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo 2020 2 0
Nissan GTR Nismo GT3 2018 -9 0
Porsche 992 GT3 R -7 0
Start Your Engines for the Transatlantic Sim Racing GT Championship!

Gear up, racers! Transatlantic Sim Racing is thrilled to announce an adrenaline-pumping sim racing series, featuring the elite GT3 cars.

If you've got the skill and the will, it's time to prove yourself across four iconic American tracks: the challenging twists of the Indianapolis Road Course, the legendary curves of Watkins Glen, the high-speed straights of COTA, and the breathtaking turns of Laguna Seca.

Each 60-minute race promises intense competition and strategic depth, complete with a crucial 20-minute pit window to test your tactics.

This four-race series isn't just about speed—it's about strategy, skill, and precision. Drivers will be classified into three distinct classes—Gold, Silver, and Bronze—based on their performance in a pre-qualification event at the renowned Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. This ensures a level playing field and fierce competition in every class.

Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a rising star in the sim racing world, the Transatlantic Sim Racing GT Series is your chance to showcase your racing prowess on a grand stage.

So, are you ready to leave your mark on these legendary circuits and battle it out for racing glory? Sign up today and join a community of passionate racers all vying for the top of the podium. Don’t miss your shot—fast cars, fierce competition, and unforgettable moments await!

??? Join now and accelerate your racing career to the next level! ??


  • Mandatory Pitstops: Yes(1)
  • Pit Window: Yes (20 mins)
  • Refuelling Allowed: Yes
  • Fixed Refuelling Time: No
  • Mandatory Refuelling: Yes
  • Mandatory Tyre Change: Yes
  • Tyre Sets: Not Limited
  • Variable Weather: Yes



  • Pre Qualifying - Week - Starting June 3rd
  • Round 1 - COTA - (June 10th)
  • Round 2 - Indianapolis - (June 17th)
  • Round 3 - Watkins Glen - (June 24th)
  • Round 4 - Laguna Seca - (July 1st)

Races will be held on Monday evening (EU).

  • Event Opens: 19:30 (UK/BST) 20:30 (EU/CEST)
  • Drivers Briefing: 5 minutes
  • Server Start
  • Practice: 10 minutes
  • Qualifying: 20 minutes
  • Race: 60 minutes



There will be a pre-qualifying server available for one week leading up to the event alongside the practice server, in this server you will be required to post a minimum of 5 consecutive valid laps at Barcelona, posting your 5 consecutive valid laps will get you a place in the series and the average time of the top 5 laps in a valid stint will be used to assign you into a driver class,

If you fail to do the pre-qualifying you may still be given a place in the series by descresion of the Race Direction but for this it will be looked at on a case by case basis and will only be considered if you have raced with TSR previously,

Note: Although this should be pretty accurate, if we find a driver is clearly in the wrong class after race one they will be moved before results are finalised. This will also remediate any drivers who sandbag in the pre-qualifying server.




There will be a practice server running for the week leading up to the event, the times from the practice server are automatically logged on our website here https://tsracing.club/eventdetails/7880,



You will be required to join the TSR Discord



This event is free to enter.



For this series we will use post-race stewarding. Please submit all incident reports through our discord channel and the stewards will review the footage/information provided, and after the race, they will assess position/time penalties if necessary.

Please be respectful in discord if there is a collision, either discuss over DM’s or Submit to Stewards. There is a 24hr period post race for you to submit incidents. (so incidents need to be submitted by midnight on Tuesday)



Custom Liveries are permitted and encouraged in this event. 

We use our own Livery Upload and sync app you can find it on our webpage. https://tsracing.club/liveryupload 

Once uploaded select the race series to use it on and there is a link to download our sync app.

If you have any problems or questions about the liveries upload or download go too our discord or check https://tsracing.club/page/livery-help

Do not run custom liveries from other teams without permission from them.

Any politically charged or potentially offensive material on a custom livery will see the team banned from the series.

Transatlantic Sim Racing: Drive, Compete, Win, Repeat.


Ferrari 296 GT3
[VEE] Richard Veenema

Team: TSR Instagram
Class: GT3
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2

Class: GT3
McLaren 720S GT3 2023
[PRI] Stuart Prior

Team: R.S Motorsports
Class: GT3
Ferrari 296 GT3
[DAN] Antonio D'Angiolella

Class: GT3
McLaren 720S GT3 2023
[LAN] Mike Landreth

Class: GT3
Ferrari 296 GT3
[JAD] Ben Jaded

Class: GT3
McLaren 720S GT3 2023
[BUC] Valentino Bucceri

Class: GT3
BMW M4 GT3 2021
[RAM] Patrick Ramos

Class: GT3
Ferrari 296 GT3
[ALF] Biagio Alfano

Class: GT3
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2
[KAR] Karl Ve

Class: GT3
McLaren 720S GT3 2023
[KLI] Yoell Klijn

Class: GT3
BMW M4 GT3 2021
[DAR] Eduardo Daroca

Team: SRP Racing Team
Class: GT3
McLaren 720S GT3 2023
[SAN] Pako Sanchez

Team: SRP Racing Team
Class: GT3
Ferrari 296 GT3
[HUI] Xander Huizing

Team: TSR YouTube
Class: GT3
McLaren 720S GT3 2023
[PAS] Ian Paskin

Team: TSR Gulf Davidoff
Class: GT3
Ford Mustang GT3
[STE] Simon Steele

Class: GT3
Ferrari 296 GT3
[CRA] Ethan Craddock

Class: GT3
Ford Mustang GT3
[STA] Tomas Stanek

Class: GT3
BMW M4 GT3 2021
[VAE] Bjarne Vaes

Class: GT3
McLaren 720S GT3 2023
[NUS] Arben Nushi

Class: GT3
Ford Mustang GT3
[GAL] David Gallant

Class: GT3
McLaren 720S GT3 2023
[WIE] Gabriel Wiering

Class: GT3
McLaren 720S GT3 2023
[FUL] Brandon Fuller

Class: GT3
Ford Mustang GT3
[SME] Anthony Smeekes

Class: GT3
Click Here for Full Practice Details Only Showing Laps from Registered Cars, use full practice times for all.
Sector 1Sector 2Sector 3No.
1 [HUI] Xander Huizing Gold Ferrari 296 GT3 69 1:35.655 37.227 31.882 26.545 32 22 1:35.549 1:37.041
2 [PAS] Ian Paskin Gold McLaren 720S GT3 2023 77 1:36.137 37.460 31.940 26.737 22 19 1:35.995 1:37.078
3 [DAR] Eduardo Daroca Gold BMW M4 GT3 2021 55 1:36.152 37.405 32.105 26.642 72 69 1:36.022 1:37.050
4 [STE] Simon Steele Gold Ford Mustang GT3 83 1:36.442 37.640 31.907 26.895 59 39 1:35.879 1:39.995
5 [PKS] Pako Sanchez Diaz Silver McLaren 720S GT3 2023 40 1:36.530 37.620 32.187 26.722 19 17 1:36.517 1:37.730
6 [PLY] Patrick Ramos Gold BMW M4 GT3 2021 38 1:37.075 37.872 32.435 26.767 43 40 1:36.662 1:37.956
7 [WIE] Gabriel Wiering Gold McLaren 720S GT3 2023 553 1:37.560 38.202 32.472 26.885 12 12 2:04.054 1:38.451
8 [LAN] Mike Landreth Gold McLaren 720S GT3 2023 19 1:37.600 38.092 32.287 27.220 21 20 1:37.384 1:38.777
9 [V] Karl V Silver Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2 49 1:38.310 37.885 32.800 27.625 6 5 1:38.182 1:39.084
No qualifying results available at this time
No race results are available at this time

PreQualifying is ordered by fastest 5 lap stint average time.