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Depraiteres Mustang Dominance

Transatlantic Sim Racing's Mustang GT3 Showcase at Misano

Greetings from the Misano World Circuit, where the Transatlantic Sim Racing community hosted a thrilling one-off special race featuring the new Mustang GT3. Under warm, dry conditions, a grid full of eager drivers took on the challenge of taming the powerful 5.4L V8 machines on a sometimes slippery surface. With a mix of seasoned TSR competitors and fresh faces, the stage was set for an unforgettable 60-minute race.

Qualifying Highlights

In a dramatic qualifying session, it was Bram Depraitere who clinched pole position, showcasing his mastery of the Mustang GT3. Depraitere, a familiar name in TSR circles, edged out Simon Steele, who secured the second spot on the grid. These two drivers, known for their speed and precision, were expected to set the pace for the race.

Race Start and Early Laps

As the lights went out, Depraitere and Steele wasted no time pulling away from the rest of the field. Depraitere quickly established a comfortable lead, leaving Steele to navigate a relatively solitary race in second place. Behind them, however, a fierce battle was unfolding for the remaining top positions.

Midfield Mayhem

The real action was in the midfield, where positions 3 through 8 saw intense competition. Xander Huizing initially led this pack, with Landreth, Paskin, and Minton hot on his heels. As the race progressed, Landreth made a bold attempt to overtake Huizing but ended up losing ground to both Paskin and Minton. This shuffle in positions highlighted the unpredictable nature of the race.

Bjarne Vaes, who had been lurking behind this group, seized the opportunity to put pressure on Landreth. Paskin, demonstrating patience and skill, stayed glued to Huizing’s bumper for several laps before making a decisive move to take the position with a bit of forceful driving.

Technical Troubles and Pit Strategies

Minton, who had been a strong contender, encountered a fuel pressure issue that forced him into an early pit stop, effectively ending his hopes for a top finish. This mechanical setback reshuffled the midfield battle, bringing Jan Verm into the mix alongside Huizing, Landreth, and Vaes.

The Closing Stages

The final 20 minutes of the race were marked by a gripping duel between Verm and Huizing for 5th place. Commentator Guss kept viewers on the edge of their seats, focusing on this intense fight while occasionally checking in on the leaders. Despite his best efforts, Verm could not get past Huizing, who defended his position with determination.

Meanwhile, at the front, Depraitere continued his flawless drive, extending his lead and crossing the finish line in first place. Steele maintained his second position comfortably, despite a brief period where Paskin seemed poised to challenge him. However, the gap stabilized, allowing Steele to secure the runner-up spot.

Paskin, having fought hard throughout the race, completed the podium in third place. Landreth settled into a comfortable fourth, having weathered the storm of the midfield battles.

Behind the Scenes

Further down the field, many drivers struggled with the sheer power of the Mustang’s V8 engine, finding it difficult to get the power down effectively. Track limits also proved to be a challenge, with several drivers receiving drive through penalties that impacted their final standings.

Despite these difficulties, the race was a testament to the skill and resilience of the TSR drivers. The Mustang GT3’s debut in the series provided thrilling action and a glimpse into what promises to be an exciting addition to future races.


The Misano showcase was a fantastic off-season event, offering a taste of the new Mustang GT3 and setting the stage for future competitions. Congratulations to Bram Depraitere for his dominant win, Simon Steele for a solid second place, and Paskin for his hard-fought third.

As we bid arrivederci to Misano, we look forward to the upcoming four-race series in the United States. Until then, keep racing and stay tuned for more high-octane action from Transatlantic Sim Racing.

Event Details - https://tsracing.club/eventdetails/8052

Full Stream - https://youtu.be/jxgjrsLce1Y?si=XwZ6ZGZMLOcvMg-o