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The heat is on in Texas


Pit Lane Report: Circuit of the Americas 60-Minute GT3 Race

Good evening from the Circuit of the Americas where the heat was on in more ways than one in today's 60-minute GT3 race. Despite a smaller grid due to several drivers opting out of the overseas trip, the competition was as fierce as the Texas sun.

Benjamin Ek continued his dominant form, capturing pole position once again in his BMW M4 GT3. As the race got underway, Ek quickly asserted his authority, maintaining his lead and demonstrating why he's the driver to beat in the Gold class this season. Arcadio Trevino in the Mercedes AMG EVO was hot on Ek’s heels early on, matching the leader's pace lap for lap, but as the race progressed, he couldn't sustain the challenge and settled for a solid second place. Ian Paskin managed to steer his Aston Martin Vantage GT3 to third, completing the podium in what turned out to be a relatively lonely race for the top three contenders in the Gold class.

The Silver class presented a tighter competition. Eduardo Daroca, behind the wheel of his Mercedes AMG Evo, not only clinched the Silver class win but also finished an impressive 4th overall, staying relentlessly close to Paskin and finishing less than two seconds behind him. Mike Landreth and Simon Steele, both piloting Audi R8 Evo II's, secured second and third places respectively in the Silver class. This race marked a significant achievement for Steele, who stepped onto the podium for the first time this series, adding a personal triumph to his season's highlights.

As the cars crossed the finish line and the sun began to set on the Circuit of the Americas, the championship standings were confirmed, reflecting the intense battles and skilled driving showcased throughout the season:

Gold Class Championship Standings:
1. Benjamin Ek
2. Arcadio Treviño
3. Ian Paskin

Silver Class Championship Standings:
1. Eduardo Daroca
2. Phil Clarke
3. Mike Landreth

Teams Championship:
Gold - TSR Fryslan
Silver - SRP RacingTeam

With the checkered flag waved and the final laps completed, the Circuit of the Americas proved to be a fitting battleground for the end of the GT3 Spring Cup series. The challenging track and high temperatures tested the drivers' skills and strategies, delivering a spectacular race day.

Looking ahead, what wll come next for the GT3 drivers. Stay tuned as we follow these incredible drivers and their teams to the next thrilling destination.

Until then, this is your pit lane reporter signing off from a hot but exhilarating day at the Circuit of the Americas.