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Season finale 2 hours Spa Francorchamps GT3


The Spa-Francorchamps GT3 2-hour race unfolded amidst unpredictable weather conditions, injecting an extra layer of excitement and challenge into the mix. As rain ceased just before the cars lined up on the grid, teams faced a crucial decision: start on slicks or opt for wet tires initially. This choice set the stage for a thrilling opening stint, with drivers navigating treacherous conditions and strategizing for the long haul.

As the green flag waved, Alexandre Houssin seized the lead, presumably equipped with wet tires. However, as the track gradually dried up, some frontrunners opted to pit early for dry tires, altering the complexion of the race. Filip Drzaic and Ian Paskin emerged as strong contenders, capitalizing on McLaren's downforce advantage to excel in the evolving conditions.

Just when the race seemed to settle into a rhythm, another rain shower shook things up with around 30 minutes remaining. Sami Kall showcased masterful skill in his McLaren 720s, clinching victory amidst intense competition from Arcadio Trevino in the Ferrari 296, who relentlessly pursued the lead. Meanwhile, Alexandre Houssin's third-place finish secured him the overall championship, a testament to his consistency and prowess throughout the season.

In the Gold class, Ian Paskin delivered his best performance of the season, claiming fourth place and with Houssin's tire degradation, Paskin's podium aspirations loomed tantalizingly close.

The Silver class witnessed a stellar performance from Filip Drzaic in the McLaren, although Richard Veenema's second-place finish in the BMW M4 GT3 secured him the championship title.

Equipment issues plagued Craig Hill, preventing him from completing the race, while Eduardo Daroca secured third place, solidifying his position as the championship runner-up. Despite challenges, Craig Hill's podium finishes earlier in the season earned him third place in the championship standings.

In the Bronze class, Pako Sanchez dominated once again in the Ferrari 296 GT3, securing both the race win and the championship title. Max Hubert narrowly missed out on the championship, showcasing the fierce competition within the Ferrari contingent. George Vasiliadis rounded out the podium, demonstrating consistent performance throughout the season.

 As the checkered flag waved, the championship winners emerged triumphant:

- Gold: Alexandre Houssin

- Silver: Richard Veenema

- Bronze: Pako Sanchez

The Spa-Francorchamps GT3 2-hour race served as a thrilling conclusion to a season marked by unpredictable weather, strategic brilliance, and fierce competition, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in GT racing.


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