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Electrifying excitement at the Zolder GT3 sprint


Race Report: Zolder GT3 Race - Gold Class

The Zolder GT3 race unfolded with electrifying excitement as Alexandre Houssin piloted his Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo to a dominant victory in the Gold class. Over the course of the intense 60-minute race, Houssin showcased remarkable skill and finesse, ultimately clinching the top spot with an impressive lead of almost 10 seconds over his closest rival.

Houssin's triumph wasn't without its challenges, however, as fellow DKR teammate Nicolas Maufroy in his McLaren 720s GT3 Evo relentlessly pursued him throughout the race. Despite Maufroy's determined efforts, he was unable to match Houssin's pace, settling for a commendable second place. Not far behind, Sami Kall, also in a McLaren 720s GT3 Evo, secured the third spot on the podium, rounding off a formidable performance by the top three drivers in the Gold class.

The rest of the Gold field, comprising competitors in Ferrari 296 GT3s, battled fiercely for positions but ultimately couldn't match the pace set by the frontrunners. Nevertheless, each driver showcased their skill and determination, contributing to the thrilling spectacle of the race.

With this commanding victory, Alexandre Houssin further solidified his position at the top of the championship standings, demonstrating his prowess and establishing himself as a formidable contender for the title.

Silver Class

In the Silver class, Richard Veenema emerged triumphant in his BMW M4 GT3, delivering a stellar performance that earned him the top step of the podium. Craig Hill, also in a BMW M4 GT3, put up a spirited fight, finishing less than a second behind Veenema to claim a well-deserved second place. Eduardo Daroca, piloting a Ferrari 296 GT3, rounded off the podium, showcasing impressive skill and determination throughout the race.

The battle for supremacy in the Silver class intensified as these three drivers demonstrated their competitive edge, vying for crucial championship points and setting the stage for an exhilarating season ahead.

Bronze Class

George Vasiliadis emerged as the victor in the Bronze class, delivering a standout performance that saw him finish a superb eighth overall. Max Hubert secured second place in his Ferrari 296 GT3, while Arben Nushi, in a McLaren 720s GT3 Evo, celebrated a return to the podium with a hard-fought third place finish.

The Bronze class podium finishers demonstrated resilience and determination, overcoming challenges to claim their well-deserved accolades and adding to the excitement of an action-packed race day.

As the Zolder GT3 race drew to a close, it left fans and competitors alike eagerly anticipating the next round of thrilling competition, where new battles would unfold and champions would continue to rise.

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