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Hungaroring - A Scorching Battle

Hungaroring Circuit witnessed a scorching battle as GT3 engines roared under the warm sun. The standout performance came from Nikos Chaldeakis, who piloted his Ferrari 296 to a sensational overall victory. However, the drama unfolded throughout the grid, with post-race penalties reshaping the final standings.

Overall Battle:

Nikos Chaldeakis displayed sheer dominance in his Ferrari 296, clinching the coveted overall victory with finesse. His flawless drive showcased both skill and determination as he conquered every twist and turn of the Hungaroring Circuit.

Following closely behind was Alexandre HOUSSIN in the AMG GT3, demonstrating remarkable prowess. However, the spotlight turned to Arcadio Treviño, initially crossing the line in second place aboard the Ferrari 296. Despite his impressive performance, a post-race penalty reshuffled the deck, dropping him to third in the final standings.

Midfield Chaos:

The race wasn't without its share of chaos, especially in the midfield. Lap one witnessed a series of crashes, injecting an element of unpredictability into the mix. The frenetic action added to the excitement, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats throughout the race.

Silver Class Showdown:

Stuart Prior showcased his mastery in the AMR V8 Vantage, claiming the top spot in the Silver class. His commanding performance left rivals trailing behind as he carved through the circuit with precision. Kristjan Jesih in the AMG GT3 secured second place, followed closely by Richard Veenema in the BMW M4 GT3, rounding up the podium positions in the fiercely contested Silver class.

Bronze Class Battle:

The Bronze class witnessed a thrilling showdown among a trio of Ferrari 296 contenders. Pako Sanchez emerged victorious, showcasing exceptional skill and determination on the track. Mathis Achin and Max Hubert followed closely, rounding up the podium positions in a fiercely competitive battle for supremacy.