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Darkness falls over Suzuka


The inaugural round of the 2024 TSR GT3 season kicked off with adrenaline-pumping action at the iconic Suzuka Circuit, where drivers battled not only each other but also the encroaching darkness. As engines roared and headlights pierced through the dusk, it was a spectacle of speed and strategy under the shroud of nightfall.

Overall Winner: Alexandre HOUSSIN in Mercedes AMG GT3

In a display of sheer skill and determination, Alexandre HOUSSIN clinched the overall victory, piloting his Mercedes AMG GT3 to the top step of the podium. With precision driving and calculated moves, HOUSSIN navigated the challenging Suzuka circuit flawlessly, leaving his competitors in the rearview mirror.

Runner-Up: Nikos Chaldeakis in Ferrari 296

Nikos Chaldeakis showcased remarkable prowess behind the wheel of the Ferrari 296, initially leading the pack with an impressive display of speed and agility. However, a setback in the form of a drive-through penalty for exceeding track limits dashed his hopes of victory, relegating him to a still commendable second place finish.

Third Place: Nicolas Maufroy in McLaren 720 GT3 Evo

Nicolas Maufroy rounded off the podium, demonstrating the capabilities of the McLaren 720 GT3 Evo. Despite facing stiff competition, Maufroy maintained his composure throughout the race, securing a well-deserved third place and etching his name among the frontrunners.

Silver Class Triumph: Eduardo Daroca in Ferrari 296

Eduardo Daroca delivered a masterful performance in the Ferrari 296, clinching victory in the Silver Class. Daroca's skillful driving and strategic decisions allowed him to maintain a lead despite facing fierce competition.

Stuart Prior emerged as Daroca's closest rival, engaging in a thrilling battle for second place. The intense competition between Daroca and Prior kept spectators on the edge of their seats, with the duo crossing the line in a nail-biting finish, securing second place for Prior.

Richard Veenema showcased commendable performance in the BMW M4 GT3, clinching third place in the Silver Class. Veenema's consistent pace and determination throughout the race earned him a well-deserved spot on the podium.

Bronze Class Dominance: George Vasiliadis in Ferrari 296

George Vasiliadis emerged as the dominant force in the Bronze Class, delivering a commanding performance that saw him clinch victory and secure the 18th overall position. With a comfortable lead over his rivals, Vasiliadis showcased his prowess as a formidable competitor in the fiercely contested class.

Podium Contenders: Pako Sanchez and Max Hurbert

Pako Sanchez and Max Hurbert showcased exceptional talent and determination, securing second and third place respectively in the Bronze Class. Despite facing stiff competition, both drivers displayed remarkable skill and resilience, setting the stage for an electrifying battle for supremacy in the class.

As the first round of the GT3 season concluded under the cloak of darkness at Suzuka, drivers left everything on the track, setting the stage for an exhilarating championship battle ahead. With skill, strategy, and sheer determination on full display, the stage is set for a season filled with thrilling races and unforgettable moments.